SalonInteractive provides turnkey eCommerce solutions to salons in order to maintain the integrity of professional beauty products. Through salon-run online stores, brands can manage their products, track sales, and even help salons market to their clients through a straightforward but highly intuitive dashboard.

SalonInteractive is the solution to large online retailers that are actively pursuing the professional beauty retail market. By leveraging the brands’ distribution to fulfill orders, salons can have a customized eCommerce store set up and selling retail products in minutes. Every sale is tracked to the hairdresser and the salon client, therefore maintaining the integrity of the professional product.

Brands As

Product manufacturers offer a rich array of educational and product information that can be used to enrichen the client experience and increase salon profitability. SalonInteractive makes this information readily available at the “moment of need” to drive sales and promote brand loyalty.


Context Enhanced
Performance Support

Working within a real-time salon workflow, SalonInteractive provides the ability to both educate and guide the salon client at the point-of-schedule or point-of-sale moment of need. Historical and real-time information about the individual end-user is combined with the brand’s marketing and educational data to optimize retail performance solutions and drive positive business outcomes.

“Context-aware computing is about using information about the end-user to enhance the quality of the end-user experience.”

A context-enhanced interface is target marketing at its best. It effectively and measurably guides human behavior to improve business outcomes. When paired with SalonRunner’s feature-rich salon management system, SalonInteractive can provide pinpoint-targeted information to each client. The quality of the user experience is enhanced, which results in increased sales, as well as greater customer service, involvement, and intimacy.

The Missing Link to
Brand Performance

SalonInteractive provides business intelligence for the entire professional beauty industry including industry experts, manufacturers, distributors, salons, and consumers. Utilizing a cloud-based, multi-tenant platform, SalonInteractive can be used as a stand-alone product or interfaced with the salon’s existing software for targeted marketing solutions and guided learning experiences to the end-user.

The SalonInteractive platform can be privately branded, is highly scalable, and the content is chosen by you, the brand manufacturer. As a stand-alone educational tool, at a minimum it allows salon staff to stay current with the latest techniques, trends, and products. Additionally, SalonInteractive can interface with any POS software to gather business intelligence data. When integrated with SalonRunner’s scheduling and POS tools, SalonInteractive provides unparalleled opportunities for the end-user interface, education, target marketing, increased sales, and measurable business outcomes.

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