What it Means to Distributors
Supply Chain Management

SalonInteractive maintains and strengthens the distributor/salon relationship while supporting the professional beauty supply chain at all levels. For distributors, this means no more counting bottles on salon shelves or waiting idly by for the opportunity to take orders from a busy salon owner. SalonInteractive provides your sales team with the high-tech tools to proactively engage your salon customers and offer an advice-giving approach to sales.

Retail Solutions for Salons

For salons, SalonInteractive translates to realistic eCommerce solutions. By leveraging your distribution of professional brands to fulfill orders, salons can set up a branded online store and begin selling retail products and earning commission in minutes. This process maintains the integrity of professional beauty products and helps compete with large online retailers. With SalonInteractive, every sale is tracked to the hairdresser and the salon client, therefore keeping professional products, truly professional.


The Right Tools
Interactive Sales Approach

Helping distributors and their brands partner with salons, SalonInteractive delivers targeted product information to salon clients at the moment of need. Working within a real-time salon workflow, SalonInteractive provides the ability to both educate and guide the salon client at the point-of-schedule or point-of-sale. The end-users’ historical and real-time data is combined with marketing and educational information for each brand in order to enhance the client experience and drive retail sales.

Measuring Success
Performance Dashboard

A simple yet intuitive dashboard allows salons to set goals and monitor their success, measuring and analyzing sales from both products and services. Based on preferences set by the salon, distributors and their brands can access the dashboard to track sales and inventory levels. In addition to managing their brands, distributors can also help salons market products to their clients. This information is passed on to in-salon staff and the entire salon digital supply chain, enabling a genuinely omni-channel salon retail approach.

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