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Take back the retail revenue you deserve and market to your clients like the beauty biz badass you are.

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Offer transformative services

Offer transformative services

Your artistry + the best product education = a comprehensive, wonderful service. Send Product Recommendations to happy clients to guarantee they maintain their look beyond the chair. And best of all, recs drive clients directly to your Online Store.

Stay engaged with your clients

Stay engaged with your clients

Create highly personalized email campaigns, automate birthday and service reminders, and set up OBM to get the latest brand promos: there’s so many ways you can stay connected with your clients.

Be your clients' beauty hero

Be your clients' beauty hero

You nail it when they nail it at home. Let the beauty retail revolution begin with your Online Store. Clients can shop the products you recommend anytime, anywhere, and commissions go straight to you. No overhead, no shipping hassle, no Amazon.

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25% commision rate
25% commision rate
Get started with a plan that works for you
Starts at
25% commision rate
25% commision rate

For me, it was just such a no-brainer to get involved with SI... SI is an excellent opportunity to make commissions on products they [salons] don’t even carry on their shelves... and it’s definitely something they should look into to grow their retail business.

Amy Daniel Moser
Salon owner

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.
What is SalonInteractive, and how does it work?

SalonInteractive is an eCommerce and marketing platform that provides free Online Stores for stylists, salons, barbershops, and spas. You simply set up a shop and recommend your favorite products, and then your local distributor fulfills the orders for your clients. It only takes 10 minutes to set up your free Online Store, with commissions deposited directly into your account each week.

Why should our salon or spa sell retail at all?

Salon and spa guests are three times more likely to return as clients if you recommend products for at-home use. Selling retail adds value and longevity to your services and helps increase client loyalty.

Won't an Online Store take away from our in-salon retail sales?

Just the opposite! We typically see in-salon retail sales grow for salons or spas when they add eCommerce. Their Online Store helps increase awareness of professional brands while the 24/7 online shopping convenience captures lost sales to big box and other online retailers.

How can an Online Store help me as a suite or booth renter?

Having an Online Store will allow you to offer your clients a wide range of products without carrying inventory or worrying about shipping. In addition to adding value to your services by recommending proper home care, offering retail online will increase your earning potential without an outlay of cash.

Why do I need a distributor account number?

Although some brands self-distribute, SalonInteractive uses a network of professional distributors to fulfill client orders. These distributors are authorized to carry professional beauty brands in their area, guaranteeing the products' quality and authenticity. A distributor number is your account/ID with your local distributor, and it proves that you are a licensed professional and sets up the fulfillment of your client orders. 

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