Salon eCommerce That Maintains The Integrity of Professional Beauty Products
Introducing the Salon Digital Supply Chain


Product manufacturers offer a rich array of educational and product information that can be used to enrichen the client experience and increase salon profitability.
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Gone are the days of counting bottles on a shelf and taking orders. With SalonInteractive your sales team will have the time and tools to proactively engage your customers and provide a more consultative sales approach. Learn more ⟶


Salons look to manufacturers for consulting and education. SalonInteractive delivers role-specific, context-aware education to the salon staff where and when they need it, ensuring best practices are being used. Learn more ⟶

Salon Clients

Salon clients crave and seek advice from their salon, however the reality is that they don’t always receive it. SalonInteractive will provide that advice at online scheduling based on services being performed, product preferences, and purchase patterns, which makes clients feel pampered while increasing sales.
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