Take back retail revenue. You deserve it.

Tired of clients snapping a pic of products just to go buy them somewhere else? We’re here to help with that. Create your free customizable Online Store and get clients shopping professional products the only place they should be: with you. You work hard, that retail revenue should be yours.

Earn a minimum of



Revolutionize your retail

You get commission on every product clients order from your Online Store and they get their goodies delivered right to their doorsteps. The more they can keep that gorgeous look going at home, the more they’ll keep coming back to your chair.

Share the brands you love with your clients

Stay engaged and share your expertise beyond the chair. Offer professional products on your own Online Store and let our community bolster yours.

Your Online Store, your way

You already run an incredible service business. Let us help you offer that same experience online with a customizable store that matches your brand. Share your beauty business with your clients wherever they are.

Create your own Online Store

Create your own Online Store

Select the brands you prefer for your clients, add your business logo, and choose a store theme that matches your vibe. Your Online Store guarantees you finish the service by providing your clients access to the proper home care routine. You’ve got your booking software, you’ve got social, now your Online Store means the perfect trifecta of client access to your beauty biz.

More shopping, more commissions

More shopping, more commissions

SI is here to give you the edge in the online retail game. Once you’ve customized, you can start to reclaim your retail revenue with your easy to shop Online Store. Be the one stop shop for all things beauty for your clients: incredible services, beauty expertise, and round the clock access to professional products.

Anyone can shop, we ship

Anyone can shop, we ship

Move over Amazon, the real source for all things professional beauty is here. Clients, friends, family, random followers on Instagram: yep, all of these people can shop with you. Your Online Store means we ship straight to your clients’ doorsteps.

Launch your store!

Time to

Expand the reach of your product expertise. Create your Online Store and start sharing it with clients, friends, and family.

Take control of how you retail

Your Online Store enables your distribution partners to ship straight to your clients, offering you flexibility with how you manage inventory in-store.

Expand your selling power

Your clients love to support your beauty business. Make it easy for them to buy the products you recommend on your custom Online Store, anytime, anywhere.

“I can give my clients the option to buy any size or product in my favorite lines, even if I don’t carry them in the salon. Better yet, I don’t have to. Now client orders are one less thing I have to think about.”

- Jenny Bragg
Independent artist

For me, it was just such a no-brainer to get involved with SI... SI is an excellent opportunity to make commissions on products they don’t even carry on their shelves... and it’s definitely something they should look into to grow their retail business.

- Amy Daniel-Moser
Salon owner

“I can give my clients the option to buy any size or product in my favorite lines, even if I don’t carry them in the salon. Better yet, I don’t have to. Now client orders are one less thing I have to think about.”

Jenny Bragg
Salon owner

Want to learn more about creating your Online Store?

Brand your Online Store, choose your brands, connect your distributors to guarantee professional products. We’ve got you covered and are ready to help you take your business to the next level.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about SalonInteractive

How long does it take to set up an Online Store?

It typically takes about 10-15 minutes, and you'll need your distributor account number and salon logo, if you have one, to get started. We highly suggest that you complete your bank setup at the same time so you can receive commission payments.

Can I sell brands online that I don't carry in my salon/spa?

Yes, absolutely! As long as the brands are carried by your selected distributor(s) and have no eCommerce restrictions.

Why do I need a distributor account number?

Although some brands self-distribute, SalonInteractive uses a network of professional distributors to fulfill client orders. These distributors are authorized to carry professional beauty brands in their area, guaranteeing the products' quality and authenticity. A distributor number is your account/ID with your local distributor, and it proves that you are a licensed professional and sets up the fulfillment of your client orders. 

Where do I find the link to share with my clients?

Once your Online Store is set up, you can find the link at the top of your dashboard. 

Can I customize my Online Store?

Yes, absolutely. Just click the Customize feature in your menu and follow the prompts. You can choose from several theme types, upload your logo, personalize your header images, messaging, and links, highlight brands, give your own flair to your store category images, and connect all of your business, booking, and social media links in the footer.

How can I view my Online Store?

Simply click the shopping cart on your dashboard, and your Online Store will open in another tab.

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