Join our vibrant
community of beauty pros

Access your own Online Store, enhanced email communication, and automated marketing designed specifically for creatives in the beauty space.

Join our vibrant community of beauty pros

With over 400 brands at your fingertips, empowering your clients to look their best with your product expertise is easy and will keep them coming back.

Beauty professionals

Beauty professionals

You are a creative, first and foremost, and we know you care about your clients. Our tools are designed to take the stress out of carrying retail and help you keep in touch with your clients quickly and easily. You can recommend the brands they love, and effortlessly market in a way that stays true to your brand. We know you wear many hats in your business. We can help.

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Beauty business owners

Beauty business owners

You got into this industry because you’re passionate about your craft and want to empower others just like you. Our solutions will help you keep your client relationships strong and easily manage your team. Give your clients the best experience beyond the chair with personalized email campaigns, automated marketing, and expanding industry software integrations that will keep your clients coming back.

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We think you’re pretty talented

The beauty industry is a creative space that deserves easy software tools to support that creativity. We have solutions to help keep you focused on what matters: your industry passions and your clients.

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about SalonInteractive

How can our salon increase retail sales?

On average, only 20% of clients buy their products at the salon or spa. Since more people purchase their beauty and grooming products online, having an Online Store allows your salon or spa to take back those sales and increase your bottom line.

Why should I sell retail online?

Having an Online Store gives your clients another way to shop for your recommended products. It’s 24/7 access to professional products for those who leave the salon empty-handed, need to restock between appointments, or simply prefer to shop online.

My salon does really well with retail. Why should we sell online?

On average, 80% of a salon’s clientele leaves empty-handed. Also, a growing percentage of your clientele prefers buying their products online. By simply offering a 24/7 online shopping experience, your business can see increased retail sales to clients not currently shopping with you without having to carry additional product or worry about shipping.

Won't an Online Store take away from our in-salon retail sales?

Just the opposite! We typically see in-salon retail sales grow for salons or spas when they add eCommerce. Their Online Store helps increase awareness of professional brands while the 24/7 online shopping convenience captures lost sales to big box and other online retailers.

We already sell online. What benefit is SalonInteractive to our salon/spa? 

SalonInteractive offers fully maintained web stores with accurate product data that is continually updated. Our network of distributors handles order fulfillment, so you or your team don’t need to. You can also take advantage of free On Behalf Marketing to promote your preferred brands through your Online Store.

How can an Online Store help me as a suite or booth renter?

Having an Online Store will allow you to offer your clients a wide range of products without carrying inventory or worrying about shipping. In addition to adding value to your services by recommending proper home care, offering retail online will increase your earning potential without an outlay of cash.

What support do you offer if I need help or have questions?

We’re here to help! Our Help Center is available 24/7 at for the answers you need. You can also reach out to our team of Success Consultants at 312-300-0553 or

Have questions? We're here to help!

Our success team knows what you need because they know the beauty industry.