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On-Behalf Marketing: Trust & Your Client List

Your salon clients are your lifeline. You’ve worked hard to nurture the relationships you have built and are likely naturally protective of your coveted client list. We get it...

Written by
Cody Ukrich
Published on
17 Jan 2023

When it’s suggested to upload your clients for On-Behalf Marketing through SalonInteractive, it’s done with an understanding that can only come from this industry. As a team of former hairdressers and salon owners, we get the importance of that stylist/client connection and respect the innate desire to shield your clientele from unwanted solicitation. 

On the other hand, On-Behalf Marketing is a powerful tool that can help educate your clients about the importance of home care for their hair, skin, nails, etc. You’ve worked hard to create the perfect shade of red or palest blonde highlights and have advocated for regular trims to keep your clients looking and feeling their very best. The same goes for those in the skincare field - in-spa treatments are most effective when combined with proper home care. 

Do Your Part

As their beauty professional, it is your duty and should be part of your service to recommend proper home care to your clients. That’s what we advocate so strongly for with personalized product recommendations. That’s why we’ve built our Recommendation feature and encouraged its daily use since day one. It’s also why we’re in the process of developing a stylist app for sharing recommendations. We believe THAT strongly in it!

Let Us Do Our Part

On-Behalf Marketing was designed to help enforce your recommendations and fill any gaps in messaging to your clients. It offers occasional free shipping to encourage shopping and special promotions to help save your clients at checkout. Campaigns urge subscription use and pass along brand discounts as well. On-Behalf Marketing encourages your clients to invest in themselves and their favorite beauty influencer (hint: that’s you).

Here’s how On-Behalf Marketing works, how we suggest it’s used, and what controls you have with it: 

When On-Behalf Marketing is turned on, that distributor (or brand) you’ve permitted to will create and deploy marketing emails to your clients quite literally on your behalf. They cannot see your client information, including their email addresses but can send an email through the system for you. The email appears to come from you with your salon’s branding and points to your online store. That way, any and all subsequent sales are yours. 

To make On-Behalf Marketing happen a few things need to take place:

  • Your permissions are toggled on.
  • You’ve uploaded your client list - in the case of SalonInteractive users with the feature integrated into their POS software, there’s no need to upload clients. It’s all automatically in place.
  • For proper branding, you’ve added a header and footer to Client Connect emails - even if you’ve never sent any yourself.

Be in-the-Know

It’s also important to acknowledge that there is a certain level of trust with On-Behalf Marketing, but that trust does not have to be blind, just transparent. That’s why we encourage distributors to be forthcoming about their On-Behalf Marketing efforts. Most are happy to share their campaigns ahead of time, so you can see what’s slated to go out. However, some may not. That’s why it’s best to ask your DSC/distributor for their On-Behalf Marketing calendar for each month, so you can decide how you want to participate for any or all of that month. After all, this is your client list, and you should have a say in the matter.

About Distributor Campaigns

Some distributors have their own promotions set up and will offer them as they see fit on their own schedule. Most On-Behalf Marketing promotions are distributor-wide and apply to most brands - for example, free shipping or a certain percentage off of all sales. In the case of promotions for a specific brand, your clients should only see promotions for that brand if you carry it on your online store. 

Standard Campaigns

SalonInteractive also provides On-Behalf Marketing artwork to distributors to encourage the use of the feature for their salons on the eCommerce platform. Most months, we supply 3-4 suggested emails for planned campaigns. There are usually two campaigns that span different weekends (Friday through Sunday) or a holiday, and one that is active for a week, likely with a reminder that the promotion is ending. It’s up to each distributor to deploy their campaigns.

Not all distributors use our supplied artwork or follow the suggested campaign timing. However, if you have selected more than one distributor through SalonInteractive, you should know that the same campaign can go out to your list more than once (once for each distributor). That’s why we recommend knowing what each of your distributors is promoting for On-Behalf Marketing that month, so you can decide which to allow sending to your clients and when.

How Many Emails are Too Many?

It’s natural to want to limit the number of emails that go out to your clients, and you have that option to control things between your own efforts and with On-Behalf Marketing. However, data support a specific range of email frequency that tends to work the best. According to various sources, the optimum number of emails per month from a business to consumers hovers between 3-5, with most agreeing that an email a week is ideal. Learn more here.

Now the big question: why do email marketing? That’s easy! So far, we have witnessed a 3x-12x increase in online sales for salons, specifically with On-Behalf Marketing efforts. 

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