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Making a Plan for Product Recommendations

When it comes to suggesting the right products, timing is key. You want to hit your clients up with recommendations when they're most likely to pay attention and be excited about it.

Written by
Cody Ukrich
Published on
17 Jan 2023

Here's a game plan for when to drop those savvy suggestions:

1. Proactive pointers

Ever thought about slipping in a Product Recommendation even before your client swings by? Yep, it's a genius move. Check your appointments for the day, see what services are lined up, and shoot your client a Product Recommendation that matches their needs.

If a service requires specific pre-salon prep, slide in some recommendations with clear instructions well in advance. Easy peasy!

2. In-the-moment nudges

When you're chatting with a client at the start, introduce your Online Store, emphasizing they can shop professional products 24/7. Help them snag the right products for post-care and creating that fresh salon look at home. Capitalize on these moments:

  • Before styling, showcase the products you'll use and offer to show them how to add to their cart for later.
  • While their color is cooking, send over color care recommendations. Let them know it's crucial for keeping that gorgeous color in check.
  • For texture services, educate them on the aftercare essentials. You can send the Product Recommendations during or right after the service.
  • After styling, help them get to know the styling products you’re using. Explain the magic of each and remind them through a Product Recommendation if they didn't grab it in-salon.
  • On special occasions or when they're gift-hunting, fire over Product Recommendations for sets or unique items they'd love to gift (or treat themselves)

3. Post-appointment recs

  • After the salon visit, when your client is looking their best, throw in some recommendations for daily care products from your Online Store.
  • If they decide not to buy products in the salon, swoop in and send them a Product Recommendation through your Online Store. It's like an aftercare gift!
  • Did you miss recommending color or texture care? No sweat. Fire a quick Product Recommendation right after.
  • Rekindle with clients who haven’t been in for a visit in awhile. Help them stock up on their faves with a tailored Product Recommendation.

Bottom line? Let the recs flow, adjust based on your clients’ vibe, and make sure to weave Product Recommendations into your daily routine. Keep it breezy and watch the magic happen!


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