Meet SalonInteractive

Our mission is simple

Let us tell you a bit about us

Our mission is simple

“SI is the culmination of everything I have learned in my career.” -Jim Bower

With a long-standing career in the salon industry, our founder, Jim Bower knows the beauty space inside and out. As Jim grew quickly from hair dresser to educator to salon owner, his keen eye for problem solving pinpointed simple changes that could have major impact on the beauty industry.

Jim saw, early on, how digital solutions for salons could transform not only the day to day running of the business, but the beauty industry as whole. By unifying the way brands, distributors, and salons work together, beauty businesses can create the best experiences for their clients.

From these ideas SalonInteractive was born. Allowing beauty businesses to be in control of their data, maximizes the success of their overall business. SI reinvents retail through Online Store solutions, keeps client connections simple to grow your own community, and makes marketing effortless so beauty pros can grow their businesses.

SalonInteractive has grown to become an all in one Online Store and marketing platform for every type of beauty professional. Our platform bridges all the parts of your business so you can focus on what matters the most: your craft and your clients.

Our Values

What do we value

All sorts of things! But we particularly pride ourselves on the below

Care about our team

Understand what matters to our employees. Give them what they need so that they can do their best.

Be excellent to each other

No games. No bullshit. We rely on our peers to improve. Be open, honest and kind.

Pride in what we do

Value quality and integrity in everything we do. At all times. No exceptions.

Don't #!&$ the customer

Understand customers' stated and unstated needs. Make them wildly successful.

Do the impossible

Be energized by difficult problems. Revel in unknowns. Ask "Why?", but always question, "Why not?"

Sweat the small stuff

We believe the best products come from the best attention to detail. Sweat the small stuff.