Automated brand marketing. On your behalf.

Wanna take a little (or a whole lot of) something off your plate? Let the brands you trust do some work for you with promo and product emails directly from your beauty biz.

Online retail from your clients’ beauty hero

You get commission on every product clients order from your Online Store and they get their goodies delivered right to their doorsteps. Let us take care of those orders, you sit back and relax. The more they can keep that gorgeous look going at home, the more they’ll keep coming back to your chair.


Additional retail revenue per month


Average order value


Commissions paid to salons

Grow your business,
track your success

Grow your brand

Reclaim revenue from retail sales, monitor your commissions, and take control of your clients’ at home beauty routine. We’ve all experienced clients buying products from the wrong places and now you can guarantee direct access to professional products from your own Online Store.

Power your retail!

Be in control of your business and empower your team.

Always from your beauty biz

Don’t worry. It’s our little secret that you let your fave brands do some heavy email lifting on your behalf.

Put your favorite brands to work

Put your favorite brands to work

When you want to market to your clients, but don’t have the time–On Behalf Marketing is here to help! Let brands and distributors keep your clients shopping the products they love, right on your Online Store.

You do you while we market for you

You do you while we market for you

Expand your client reach beyond the chair. Use our automated marketing solutions to stay focused on what you’re passionate about: your craft. While you do your thang, your curated brands send emails on your behalf including:

  • Free shipping
  • New product announcements
  • Special promos
  • Gift with purchase

Curate a group of preferred brands

Curate a group of preferred brands

You control which brands can send emails to your clients right from your SI account. It’s super simple to toggle a brand on when you want to make sure clients get exclusive access to their latest promos.

Ready to put your brands to work?

Time to

More orders, more commissions, compliments of your favorite brands.

Keep in touch with automated emails

Personalized emails help you nurture your beauty business and share your expertise beyond the chair. Design your emails using a variety of templates straight from your brands. Our Dashboard lets you manage your client info so you can reach them anytime, anywhere.

I will shout it from the rooftops for whoever will listen to me: if you’re buying products wholesale and selling for retail, you’re not making money. SI is the only thing that makes sense to me.”

-Janet Nelson
Independent artist

For me, it was just such a no-brainer to get involved with SI... SI is an excellent opportunity to make commissions on products they don’t even carry on their shelves... and it’s definitely something they should look into to grow their retail business.

- Amy Daniel-Moser
Salon owner

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about SalonInteractive

Where can I find how much I have sold online?

 In your SalonInteractive menu, go to eCommerce > Orders and filter by date.

Where can I see which clients have made purchases?

View detailed information for your customer orders by going to eCommerce > Commissions in your menu. 

Why do I need to add my banking information?

To pay you commissions for any sales on SalonInteractive, you'll need to add your bank. All payments are electronic and go into the bank account of your choice.

How and when do I get paid?

Commissions are deposited into your account every Friday for sales up through that Monday. 

What percent commission will I get?

Salons get a minimum of 25% of each sale without having to stock, ship, or pay for the products. However, you can increase your commission percentage with a Commission Boost subscription. 

Do I need a retail license to sell online?

​​Technically, your online sales are made through SalonInteractive, so we collect and report the sales tax. You, therefore, do not need a retail license if you only sell through your Online Store.

Should I pay a commission to my service providers when their clients purchase online?

It's entirely up to you, as there are no set guidelines. If you offer commissions, you can figure out what you owe each team member by going to eCommerce > Commissions and filtering by the desired date range. 

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