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Includes powerful email marketing tools to maximize the success of your Online Store and reach your clients anytime, anywhere.

Starts at
Minimum 25% commission rate
Everything in Free, plus
Client Connect marketing
Automated email campaigns
Mass email campaigns
Industry specific email templates
Email tracking
Dedicated onboarding

*Plan price automatically adjusts based on the number of clients uploaded. Learn more


Share your favorite brands in your customizable Online Store.

Starts at
Minimum 25% commission rate
Features Included
Online Store
Product Recommendations
On Behalf Marketing
Salon Ordering

Level up with 5% Commissions Boost

Make more money on the retail your clients love to shop online and in store.

Commissions Boost

Add 5% to your base commission rate

Boost commissions on either plan

Easily add on Commissions Boost to whichever plan you choose and benefit from higher earning on the retail you sell.

Increased commissions to grow your business

Earn more on the brands you share in your Online Store and get your team excited to recommend their favorite products to clients.

Our Flexible Pricing

As your client list grows, our pricing adjusts automatically to ensure seamless access to your plan benefits. This way, you only pay for what you use.

Client count pricing

Here’s a breakdown of pricing based on the number of clients you upload.

Client tier
Up to 500 clients
Up to 1,000 clients
Up to 2,500 clients
Up to 5,000 clients
Up to 10,000 clients
Up to 25,000 clients
Up to 50,000 clients
50,000+ clients
Essentials Pricing

Features to grow your beauty business

Make more money on the retail your clients love to shop, online and in store.

Share your Online Store

Offer professional products on your own customizable Online Store. Get your clients shopping the products they love.

Send customized email campaigns

Get creative with industry specific email templates, easily manage client info, and automate emails to simplify your day.

Let your brands market for you

With On Behalf automated brand marketing, let your brands and distributors help keep your clients shopping the products you recommend.

Easily track your commissions

Access your personalized Dashboard to see your commissions coming in and watch your business grow in real time.

Recommend the products you love

Send timely product recommendations to your clients. There’s no one clients trust more for beauty advice.

1:1 help from our team of pros

Our success team knows what you need because they know the industry. Reach out whenever you need some assistance!

Want to learn more about choosing a plan?

Quickly access useful articles you need to maximize the success of your Online Store and explore our subscription plan options.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about SalonInteractive

What are the differences between the two plans?

The Essentials plan is the most comprehensive of the two plans, offering a full suite of Online Store, marketing, and email tools to help grow your beauty business. The Free plan lets you get started with your own customizable Online Store to get clients shopping your favorite brands.

What is the best plan option for my beauty business?

If you are looking to maximize the success of your beauty business, the Essentials plan is the best choice for you. With the Essentials plan you can create your own customizable Online Store to help your clients shop their favorite brands, and access the industry specific marketing and email tools to keep them shopping anytime, anywhere. The Free plan is a great place to start if you are looking to start selling retail online and easily recommend products to your clients beyond the chair.

What is the Commissions Boost?

The Commissions Boost is an easy add-on to either the Essentials or Free plans. With the Commissions Boost, up your selling power by adding +5% commission to the base commission rate you receive through your distributor. The Commissions Boost is a flat rate of $20/month.

What is SalonInteractive, and how does it work?

SalonInteractive is an eCommerce and marketing platform that provides free online stores for stylists, salons, barbershops, and spas. You simply set up shop and recommend your favorite products, and then your local distributor fulfills the orders client-direct. It only takes 10 minutes to set up your free Online Store with commissions deposited directly into your account each week.

Why should our salon or spa sell retail at all?

Selling retail not only increases your profitability, but when salon clients purchase retail from their service provider, it increases client loyalty by a factor of three.

Won't an online store take away from our in-salon retail sales?

Just the opposite! We typically see brick-and-mortar retail sales grow for salons or spas when they add eCommerce. Their online store helps increase awareness of professional brands while the 24/7 online shopping convenience captures lost sales to big box and other online retailers.

How can an online store help me as a suite or booth renter?

Having an online store will allow you to offer your clients a wide range of products without having to carry inventory or worry about shipping. In addition to adding value to your services by recommending proper home care, offering retail online will increase your earning potential without an outlay of cash.