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When you create an Online Store with SalonInteractive, you guarantee your clients will always look their best with premium products directly from the distributors we partner with.

Join our beauty
industry community

We enable seamless connections among beauty professionals, distributors, and brands. It’s easy to ensure all clients have access to their favorite products.

Join our beauty industry community

We enable seamless connections among beauty professionals, distributors, and brands. It’s easy to ensure all clients have access to their favorite products.

Streamline retail for your business

Streamline retail for your business

With an Online Store linked directly to your brands and distributors, your clients can get professional products whenever they want them. We offer inventory updates from 20+ distributors nationwide.

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Maximize your brand power

Maximize your brand power

We manage relationships with distributors so you always have direct access to the brands you know inside and out. Create more space and flexibility in-store by showcasing the brands you love in your Online Store.

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Find your distributor!

We are partnered with 20+ distributors nationwide. Direct access to professional brands has never been easier. Sign up today and connect your distributor to your account.

Automated marketing of your favorite brands

Keep your clients in the know with brand info, launches, and promos with automated marketing directly from your distributors. Through our beauty industry community, clients can receive updates about the expansive professional products you can offer them.

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about SalonInteractive

What is SalonInteractive, and how does it work?

SalonInteractive is an eCommerce and marketing platform that provides free online stores for stylists, salons, barbershops, and spas. You simply set up shop and recommend your favorite products, and then your local distributor fulfills the orders client-direct. It only takes 10 minutes to set up your free Online Store with commissions deposited directly into your account each week.

Why should our salon or spa sell retail at all?

Selling retail not only increases your profitability, but when salon clients purchase retail from their service provider, it increases client loyalty by a factor of three.

Won't an online store take away from our in-salon retail sales?

Just the opposite! We typically see brick-and-mortar retail sales grow for salons or spas when they add eCommerce. Their online store helps increase awareness of professional brands while the 24/7 online shopping convenience captures lost sales to big box and other online retailers.

How can an online store help me as a suite or booth renter?

Having an online store will allow you to offer your clients a wide range of products without having to carry inventory or worry about shipping. In addition to adding value to your services by recommending proper home care, offering retail online will increase your earning potential without an outlay of cash.

Why do I need a distributor account number?

Although some brands self-distribute, SalonInteractive uses a network of professional distributors to fulfill client orders. These distributors are authorized to carry professional beauty brands in their area, which guarantees the quality and authenticity of the products. Your account with your local distributor proves that you are a licensed professional and sets up the fulfillment of your client orders.

If I am a licensed professional can I order my products through SI?

Salon ordering is a separate feature from your Online Store. Through this feature, licensed beauty professionals can order products for their businesses and for themselves at no cost through participating distributors.

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