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Four power moves for Online Store success

Hey there, beauty pro! You've put together your Online Store and you're eagerly waiting for those sales to start pouring in. And why not? You’re proud of your store! It’s a blend of convenience for your incredible clients and a promising source of additional income for you.

Written by
Cody Ukrich
Published on
17 Jan 2023

You've ticked all the right boxes - handpicked the brands you adore and are genuinely excited to share with your clientele. Your beauty biz's logo? Yep, it's right there, giving your store that personal touch. Plus, you've got the commission payments sorted straight into your account. Nailed it!

But what's next? Simple: it's time to spread the word!

Here's your go-to plan to let your clients know about your fantastic Online Store:

  1. Scatter those "Shop Now" buttons everywhere: 

Sprinkle them on your website, flaunt them on social media, drop them in your digital newsletters, and toss them into your e-promos. Let's make it a breeze for your clients to land in your Online Store.

  1. Share your store link with enthusiasm:

Text it to your clients, slip it into your appointment confirmation emails and receipts, and hey, even toss in some regular Product Recommendations. And don't forget your social media accounts. Post about your ultimate fave brands or give a tutorial on how to rock a specific product. Throw in some energetic TikTok videos showcasing quick transformations or demonstrating the perfect product for curly locks or taming the frizz on humid days - the options are endless. Just be sure to drop your store link and specific product links for your store.

  1. QR Codes: Your Store's Sidekick:

Embrace QR codes to steer the traffic towards your Online Store. It's a breeze to whip up a quick QR code using your Online Store link. Plenty of free QR code generators like QRCode Monkey can lend a helping hand. Slap that QR code on mirror clings for your stations, front windows, or doors, even the restroom mirror. Pop those tent cards and signs in your beauty business, right at the front desk, in the waiting area, and at every station.

  1. Email Marketing to the Rescue:

Time to unleash the magic of email marketing when you subscribe to SalonInteractive’s Essentials plan. Tons of ready-to-use templates are at your disposal to announce your store. A couple of clicks and voila! Customize it to your salon, upload your clients, and off those emails go. Start your Essentials plan's free trial and see just how smooth it is to craft, send, and track emails while keeping your clients engaged.

Once you've unveiled your store to your fantastic clients, keep the momentum going. Drop those regular Product Recommendations and mention your store when you chat with clients. Because let's face it, they won't shop if they don't know about it (or can't easily get to it)!

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