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Talking hair health with clients

All clients go through beauty phases, right? Changing styles, experimenting with colors, maybe playing around with textures. But one thing that should always be on the agenda: keeping hair (and scalp) in top-notch condition.

Written by
Cody Ukrich
Published on
17 Jan 2023

But here’s the thing—lots of folks don’t realize that having great hair starts with a happy scalp. And keeping that fabulous mane in check? It takes some commitment. So, let's get the convo rolling with these easy-peasy steps to rock hair and scalp health:

1. Sparking the Conversation:

Initiate a chat about hair and scalp health, underscoring that your primary aim is to guide them toward it.

2. Educating the way:

Empower clients to reach their hair aspirations by offering some simple education. Start with an assessment of their current hair and scalp condition. Offer quick tips and techniques for nurturing a healthy hair and scalp.

3. Daily hair TLC:

Prescribe a daily hair care routine. Suggest the best products and the correct usage. This could includes:

  • Proper cleansing techniques for hair and scalp, including shampoo quantity, sudsing methods, and recommended products based on their hair type and condition. Tailor the shampooing frequency to their lifestyle.
  • Recommendations for daily conditioning tailored to their needs, specifying product usage.
  • Guidance on shielding hair and scalp from sun damage, advising UV protection leave-ins.
  • Insights on using anti-frizz products, vital for clients in humid climates.
  • Styling Do's and Don'ts for daily routines, emphasizing techniques to minimize or eliminate physical and thermal damage.
  • Tips for nighttime hair care: satin pillowcases, braiding for longer hair, etc.

4. Weekly TLC treatments:

Guide them on proper weekly deep conditioning for their hair and scalp, customizing the protein and moisture balance according to their specific needs.

5. Regular trim reminders:

Encourage clients to adhere to a regular trim schedule, following the intervals you recommend.

6. Setting the pace:

Post every appointment, equip your clients with a forward-moving prescription. Just like a doctor, let them know when you'd like to see them for their next visit.

7. Crafting the prescription:

Summarize your clients' daily, weekly, and long-term hair and scalp care routine. If they leave the salon without product purchases, take a few moments to send them a Product Recommendation via your Online Store. This way, they can conveniently order the suggested products at their convenience.

It's all about empowering clients with the knowledge and tools they need for a vibrant, healthy mane!

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