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Leverage the power of QR codes in your beauty biz

QR codes have long been a go-to tool for leading existing clients and potential customers straight to a business’s website. From major brands to small-scale enterprises, QR codes have held their own for years. A swift scan, and voila! Your Online Store appears, offering clients a convenient way to shop the products they love

Written by
Cody Ukrich
Published on
17 Jan 2023

Now, envision harnessing this very technology to steer your clients—plus their circle of friends and family—toward your Online Store. Placing your QR code within their reach grants them instant access to your Online Store, making it beyond easy for clients to shop their favorite beauty and grooming products.

Let’s dive in to QR codes 101

Creating QR codes is an absolute breeze. Once you've wrapped up your Online Store setup and have your unique link, copy and paste it into a QR code generator. 

Here's a nifty free one to kickstart your journey: QR Code Monkey

  1. Pop your link into the "Your URL" field and hit the "Create QR Code" button. 
  2. When a shiny new QR code pops up, select "Download PNG."
  3. Keep this file close, as you'll want to sprinkle it in as many places as you can.

Promote your Online Store in your beauty biz

Now comes the fun part—showing off your brand new QR code where your clients can't miss them. Integrate them into signs, tent cards, and mirror clings, strategically positioned throughout your salon. 

Picture having them on your window or front door, at the front desk, in the waiting area, retail zones, and at each styling station or treatment room. And why stop there? Embed them in your business cards, appointment cards, brochures, and flyers, ensuring your store link follows your clients home.

Et voila! Online Store access instantly everywhere in your beauty biz. Watch the phone cameras whip out and the online shopping commence. Your clients will love easy access to guaranteed professional products that (bonus!) support their favorite beauty guru: you!

But hey, we've taken it up a notch! We've created downloadable artwork to assist you in sparking interest and guiding folks to explore and shop on your Online Store. Happy shopping!


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