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Online and in-store retails sales: a love story

Let's talk retail strategy. Offering products both in-salon and online is a smart move to amp up your salon's earnings. A common worry (and hey, we get it!) is whether diving into eComm might eat into your current in-salon retail sales.

Written by
Cody Ukrich
Published on
17 Jan 2023

But truly, there is nothing to worry about - online retail sales go hand-in-hand with the retail you carry in salon.

Let's break it down:

1. Your Online Store, your sidekick:

Reality check—your Online Store is like the dynamic duo to your in-salon retail. Convenience boost for clients and an extra income stream for your business. A win-win situation!

2.You shop online, clients shop online, we all shop online:

A good show and a good online shop. Clients love to browse on their own time, explore products not in the salon, and often splurge more. Up to 80% of salon clients shop elsewhere—let's redirect them to you, shall we?

3. Boost brand awareness:

Selling online spreads the word about those top-notch salon and spa brands you love. The more your clients see them on your website, emails, social media, in the salon, and on your Online Store, the more likely they are to snag them from you.

4. Expand your offerings:

Your Online Store lets you go beyond your salon's shelves. Think specialty lines for specific needs like hair loss or scalp solutions. You can even branch into skincare, body care, or appliances. More options, more happy clients!

5. Serve in-salon shoppers better:

Offering the same products online as in-salon is a win-win. If they can't find it in the salon, or they run out before their next appointment, they can simply hop online and order from you. It's like having a backup aisle at their fingertips.

6. Subscription magic:

Introduce subscriptions on your Online Store! Let clients set product delivery intervals based on their usage. It's a lifesaver for keeping their go-to products stocked, like shampoos, conditioners, and styling must-haves.

7. eComm for every salon:

Even if you're tight on space, eComm is your wingman. It's the no-hassle shopping space for your clients, while you keep earning those commissions.

8. Start your Online Store journey:

Don't have an Online Store yet? Time to add this powerhouse to your retail lineup. Ready to dive in? It's a free ride to get started: Get Your Online Store

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