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Amplify your Vibe: How to infuse your Online Store with the essence of your salon biz brand

Your Online Store isn't just another facet of your business—it's an extension of your brand. It's crucial to seamlessly extend your brand's essence from your beauty biz to your online storefront. But what exactly does this entail and how can you master it?

Written by
Cody Ukrich
Published on
17 Jan 2023

As a proud beauty business owner, integrating your logo into every representation of your business is a no-brainer: your website, social media, signage, and all your printed material. Your Online Store is certainly no exception—it's your own corner of the brand universe. Yet, stamping your logo on your store is just the tip of the branding iceberg.

Carry your branding prowess into your emails by adding your logo to the header, and have some fun customizing fonts and colors. It folds over into your entire client experience ensuring any communications look like they are part of your business — especially helpful for email and On Behalf Marketing.

However, the realm of branding surpasses your logo, chosen fonts, and email colors. It stretches to the products you curate and stand by in your business. If clients see too many lines available in your store, your clients can end up feeling overwhelmed and not know what to buy. However, if you only carry the lines that you and your team genuinely believe in, and those lines cover every hair type, condition, or styling need, then you’re covered.

Of course, you have the flexibility to introduce or alter brands as you evolve. If there's a strong demand for a particular brand, absolutely consider incorporating it. In the meantime, prioritize catering to your clientele's needs with the go-to brands endorsed by your team.

By focusing on three to five primary lines at most, your clients will develop trust in the brands showcased in your Online Store. They'll have confidence that you only recommend products aligned with your unwavering endorsement, tailored to their beauty or grooming goals.

Take a minute to revisit your brand settings, ensuring that when your clients shop, it is nothing short of a beautiful experience!

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