Supercharge your retail

Envision works seamlessly with SalonInteractive to take your beauty business to the next level. Safely sync Envision data with our Online Store and marketing tools to make your online retail game faster and stress-free.

Amplify your business

Customizable Online Store

Create your own customizable store that  matches your beauty biz branding, letting your clients shop professional products whenever, wherever.

Stress free online retail

Inventory management made easy with your personal Online Store. Your clients can shop professional brands. You sit back while we pack, ship, and deliver to doorsteps.

Maximize commissions

Recommend the brands your love to keep your client relationships strong. Boost your Online retail sales and bottom line with minimal effort.

Effortless data syncing

When you connect SI with Envision, your data instantly syncs. Connecting with the right clients at the right time is a breeze.

Premium marketing tools

Connecting with Envision safely syncs your client info allowing you to send automated emails and personalized marketing campaigns with ease.

Dedicated onboarding

Connect with one of our success specialists to receive personalized onboarding. Our team is here to ensure you are set up for maximum success on our platform.

Integrating your SI and Envision accounts is as easy as 1,2,3…

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about SalonInteractive

How do I connect SalonInteractive as an Envision user?
Start your SalonInteractive account by clicking Get started above. Then log into your Envision account and follow these instructions: Connect SalonInteractive to your Envision account
How long does it take to set up my Online Store?
It typically takes about 10-15 minutes, and you'll need your distributor account number and salon logo, if you have one, to get started. For more information, see What is a distributor, and why do I need an account number?

We also highly suggest that you complete your bank setup at the same time so you can receive commission payments. How do I set up my bank account?
How do I do the initial client data sync?
Log into SalonInteractive, and the direct data feed will automatically update.

Another option is to upload your clients directly into SalonInteractive. This option allows you to segment clients for targeted campaigns beyond the filtering capabilities within Envision. If you are accumulating leads for potential clients, such as a list from an event or a newsletter intake form, using the client upload feature may be an ideal option for you.
Where do I go if I need help?
Access our Help Center 24/7, contact support, or call 312-300-0553.

Let’s get connected!

Expand the reach of your product expertise and stay focused on your craft by integrating with Envision. Get synced, customize your Online Store, and use our simple marketing tools to start sharing your preferred brands with clients, friends, and family.